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Helping Those Affected by the War in Ukraine

Each day, we all strive to do better by our families, our friends and ourselves. It’s not always easy; there are plenty of excuses to do nothing. But today we are proud to announce that, for the fourth time in a over a year, our director of business development Dre Barone, a member of our family, is leaving for the Poland-Ukraine border to volunteer his time and efforts to help shuttle Ukrainian refugees (and their four-legged family members!) to safe places across Eastern and Central Europe. Along with his partner Josh, they will bring a small measure of comfort and reassurance to people who have had to leave everything behind.

We send Dre and Josh off with our best wishes and prayers for a successful and safe trip. We’re inspired by their example, and we hope that you will be too. If you can, please consider donating or sharing the link below so that they may maximise their impact on the people who need it most. Thank you!

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