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2024 Montreal Wood Convention

The Annual Montreal Wood Convention is renowned for attracting industry members from across the globe, spotlighting the latest trends and innovations within the wood industry. This year, we were honoured to attend and learn about industry forecasts, as well as the affects of the 2023 forest fires on supply. We connected with new suppliers and partners to further expand our product offering to new and existing clients. This year's keynote speaker was the inspiring Michele Romanow. She discussed her business successes and failures, and her unique approach to investing on CBC's Dragon's Den. Benjamin Tal, Managing Director and Deputy Chief Economist at CIBC Capital Markets Inc., was also amung the keynote speakers to discuss the unique economic time in the lumber industry, and what it could mean for producers.

The key takeaways from this year's Annual Montreal Wood Convention center around acknowledging the significant impact of the 2023 forest fires on the wood supply chain, understanding current economic challenges within the industry, and exploring new partnership opportunities. Michele Romanow's insights into entrepreneurial resilience, alongside Benjamin Tal's economic analysis, provided valuable perspectives for navigating the industry's future. Furthermore, our expansion of product offerings through new supplier connections highlights our commitment to growth and adaptability in a changing market.

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