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2023 Canadian Forest Fires

The 2023 Canadian forest fires pose a significant challenge to lumber suppliers in the country. The blazes are some of the most destructive and widespread in the nation's history, leaving thousands of hectares of timber damaged or destroyed. This is causing an unprecedented disruption to Canada’s wood market, potentially impacting product availability and cost for years to come.

Lumber suppliers are forced to become increasingly creative in sourcing and producing wood products. Many switched to using salvaged or dead trees, while others turned to renewable options such as plantation-based logs. A number of companies also employed innovative technologies such as 3D scanning, x-ray imaging, and CNC machining to maximize the use of existing timber reserves.

Bois Ellen Lumber is working hard to keep prices as low as possible for as long as possible while providing quality products to our customers. We have managed to source a large supply of lumber to meet our clients needs and remain competitive in these challenging times.

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